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With all my workshops I like to keep the atmosphere relaxed and informal with the emphasis on enjoying the 

process of painting whilst showing the student what can be achieved by keeping things simple, the

directness and simplicity of my technique helps to give the student the confidence to have ago and try something new. Throughout the day I'll move around the group giving one to one tuition and answering any questions that may arise.

Watercolour demonstrations start with a brief introduction

and a review of my materials, followed by a half imperial size

watercolour answering questions as I paint. I like to produce

two paintings so after a short break I will finish with a quick

watercolour using the 'Line and Wash' technique, which is a

great medium to show and very popular with students.


With Oil demonstrations I will also explain my way of

painting and the materials I use, particularly when painting

out in the field. I then start by getting down as much paint

as possible in the first half of the demonstration, again

answering questions as I paint. After a short break second half of the evening is spent bringing the painting to a conclusion and adding the final touches.


Demonstrations are £200 plus mileage  ( 20p per mile ).   One day workshops are £300 plus mileage.

If you are interested in booking a demonstration or workshop please get in touch via the contact page or ring me on 07789094935.  

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